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IMPOWER is a healthcare-specific document management system that is modular in architecture. It starts where EMR document management ends and can grow to an enterprise-wide system. Its user interface employs a paper filing system metaphor for ease of use and therefore a shorter time to full productivity.

IMPOWER is a lot more than a scanning system. Imagine having an exact copy of every patient statement ever sent, indexed by patient and available at any time for viewing, printing, and faxing without scanning them. Visualize the possibility of having every claim you ever sent, whether electronic or on paper, overlaid on top of a standard claim form, with no additional effort. Ditto for every electronic remittance you've ever received from every payer.

EDI-to-paper-equivalent conversion of healthcare-specific documents is what sets IMPOWER apart from its competition, but we don't stop there. IMPOWER will also let you drag-and-drop any Windows document onto a virtual patient folder to store it. PDF transcriptions, faxed lab reports, recorded physician dictation. They all become part of the patient's IMPOWER folder.


Automatically matches secondary claims with the primary payer's EOB for viewing and billing. Converts secondary claims to electronic claims when possible or we'll print and mail it for you when necessary through our medEbill service.

Electronic patient signature capture means you don't have to touch paper to have a HIPAA Privacy Notice, Consent for Treatment, and Acknowledgement of Practice Financial Policy forms signed. This reduces paper costs and the labor and storage requirements of scanning. Using a dedicated signature capture pad and patient-facing monitor or an iPad or Android tablet, POWERsign lets patients see what they're signing and watch their signature appear on the form as they do so.

POWERscan supports both on-demand, ad-hoc scanning of single documents and batch scanning and indexing, the latter of which allows one user to scan a stack of documents and the same or a different user to index them as time allows. It supports recognition of barcodes on page separators to automatically file documents into the correct patient folder without user intervention. POWERscan for ad-hoc scanning supports any TWAIN-compliant scanner. POWERscan for batch scanning supports both TWAIN-compliant and Kofax Adrenaline-supported scanners.

Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD) is a misnomer today, but the concept still exists. It refers to the capture of computer-generated data and its subsequent storage. IMPOWER's +COLD module can capture data generated by your own system, such as statements and both electronic and paper claims, as well as that generated by others, such as electronic remittance advice (ERA) files sent to you by payers.

We store only the textual data, parsing and indexing it by patient, and compress it at the rate of tens of thousands of forms per hour. With this technique we can store millions of pages per gigabyte of disk space. When you want to view the data, we overlay it on top of a single, blank image of a standard form (CMS-1500, statement, etc.) and generate a PDF that you can print, e-mail, or fax.

A combination of free software and fee-per-transaction service, POWEReob allows you to scan and securely transmit paper EOBs that we will process and return as an electronic remittance file in ANSI 835 or NSF format for automatic payment posting to your practice management. With 100% of your payments posted electronically your labor costs are not only reduced, but you have more data for denials management and will increase the percentage of secondary claims that can be filed electronically, further reducing costs.

When scanning paper EOBs is all you need and not the conversion of the paper to an electronic remittance, filEOB offers a unique user interface for indexing these paper EOBs quickly. It also allows you to view a paid claim simultaneously with your practice management system's payment posting screen for heads-up payment posting even after the paper has been filed away. Each page is then filed into one more more patient virtual folders (one for each patient appearing on the page) and, when retrieving the page from one of the folders, the other patients' data is automatically masked. This allows you to print the EOB for secondary claim filing without manually blacking out PHI before mailing.

When you have a large number of users requiring mainly view-only access to the IMPOWER document repository, WebSide makes it easy by providing a Web-based user interface that uses the same, user-friendly, paper filing system metaphor as the Windows client. From any Web browser, users within your facility, in remote offices, or even from home or while traveling can have access to the documents they require.