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POWERstation  Tablet


POWERstation Tablet Edition streamlines patient registration by using technology to accurately capture and verify patient information at the source. Replacing the ubiquitous clipboard and paper forms, our tablets allow the patient to provide all of the data required for registration electronically using a paradigm still familiar to them ... handwriting. There is no hunt-and-peck with a virtual keyboard.

Powered by Microsoft Windows, the tablets accurately and quickly convert the handwriting to typed text for the patient to verify before it is transferred.

Since patients enter and verify their own information, there is no labor required of or errors introduced by transposition from paper to computer and there are no paper costs or scanning required. No longer do you have to decipher a patient's handwriting. The software will even validate addresses in real time with the U.S. Postal Service to further eliminate a possible source of errors and reduce the number of misdelivered patient statements.

Once all data is completed, forms requiring a patient signature are presented on-screen with data pre-filled. The patient simply signs with the digital pen on the virtual paper form. No more pre-printed forms to buy, store, and, once signed, scan.

Data is sent to your practice management and EHR systems via HL7 messaging and signed forms are converted to PDF files for either manual or automated import to your EHR or document management system.