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POWERstation  Kiosk


Decrease costs. Reduce staff workload. Increase revenue. Improve patient satisfaction.

POWERstation Kiosk is a patient self-service check-in kiosk that will confirm patient demographic & insurance information, verify an appointment time and provider, triage walk-ins, prompt for on-screen signing of required forms, and collect a co-payment and balance due amount.

POWERstation Kiosk can optionally scan driver's licenses and insurance cards, convert the scanned information to typed text and send it to your practice management and EHR systems, and perform insurance eligibility verification.

For practices with a high percentage of patients that do not speak English, POWERstation Kiosk can support several languages simultaneously and allows patients to choose the one with which they are most comfortable.

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  • Works with almost any practice management or EMR system as a front-end patient check-in station
  • Stand-alone capability or in combination with a registration clerk's workstation running POWERstation Desktop
  • Automatically verifies insurance eligibility, patient address, and identity
  • Reads current patient due balance and co-payment amount from practice management system
  • Multilingual with patient choice of up to 4 languages at a time from nearly every spoken language
  • Customizable on-screen and audible instruction prompts
  • Allows patient signing of consent and treatment forms, privacy notice, etc Automatically tracks forms required to be signed and whether or not already on file
  • Processes credit card payments for co-pay, deductibles, and balance due
  • Creates patient payment plans for large balances
  • Obtains consent to keep credit card on file for post-adjudication payments
  • Electronic signing of credit card receipts
  • Optional wayfinding to provide patient directions to office location from centralized check-in
  • Patient scans new driver's license and insurance card when they have changes or if older than practice's desired document age
  • Streamlines workflow
  • Increases patient satisfaction


  • Choice of stylish enclosure designs and configurations
  • Free-standing, wall-mountable, countertop and tablet configurations
  • 15"-17" LCD touchscreens with optional HIPAA privacy filter
  • Optional antimicrobial treatment
  • Integrated card scanner, signature pad, magnetic stripe card reader and fingerprint readers available with certain configurations
  • On-site service for shorter downtime
  • Secure and tamperproof