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POWERstation  Desktop


POWERstation Desktop is a front-end patient registration workstation for your Practice Management (PM) and EMR systems. Using a document scanner, signature pad, magnetic card reader, digital camera and Optical Character Recognition, POWERstation transforms patient registration into an entirely digitized process, virtually eliminating paperwork while instantly making new patient records available throughout your network.

POWERstation Desktop will scan driver's licenses and insurance cards, convert them into typed text, and send the data to your PM and EHR systems. It allows you to capture enough patient information to perform an on-demand insurance eligibility verification in about a minute without ever touching the keyboard.

Verify address changes, process credit card payments, capture patient signatures on required forms, setup recurring budget payments, print clipboard forms, and more. POWERstation Desktop automates what your practice management sytem doesn't.

From "Hello" to Verified in 60 Seconds   Watch How

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Patient Registration
  • Capture patient demographics from scanned driver's license, magnetic stripe of driver's license, or scanned face sheet
  • Import from practice management system in real-time on-demand
  • Verify patient identity using knowledge-based authentication
  • Automatically checks for duplicate social security numbers
  • Red Flag warnings for tell-tale signs of identity theft
  • Verify physical and e-mail addresses
  • Capture patient photo from Web camera
  • Scan and store a copy of driver's license or other ID card in the patient record
  • Print and/or e-mail custom patient directions to your offices, imaging centers, etc. from their home with a couple of clicks
  • Verify eligibility and benefits in real-time for over 850 payers
  • Scan and store copy of insurance card with each plan
  • "Reads" driver's license and insurance card using optical character recognition (OCR) for automated data entry
  • Reads SwipeIT-compliant magnetic stripes
Patient Registration
  • Faster data entry with less labor and increased accuracy during new patient intake
  • Reduces insurance denials by decreasing errors during initial data entry
  • Reduces calls to payers with the largest electronic eligibility payer list in the industry
  • Quickly and easily determine patient co-pay, co-insurance, and deductible amounts with our proprietary insurance benefit reporting technology
  • Reduce undeliverable statements
  • Lower postage costs from incorrect addresses
  • Less labor for correcting and re-mailing statements
  • Reduce photocopying costs
  • Detect identity theft and insurance fraud
  • Helps confirm patient identity to ensure electronic medical record is accurate
Document Management
  • Scan and store any paper-based document using any TWAIN-compliant scanner to virtual patient folder
  • Track forms requiring patient signature, display them full-screen on patient-facing monitor in portrait orientation or on tablet (iPad or Android), and capture patient signature electronically
  • Print clipboard forms on plain paper
  • Auto-fill electronic forms and clipboard forms with patient demographic and insurance data
  • Stores electronic signatures and signed documents using tamper-proof method for viewing anywhere at any time
  • Ensures who signed what and when for nonrepudiable signatures
Document Management
  • Access documents from anywhere at any time
  • Reduces paper storage requirements
  • Protects documents from disaster
  • Reduces lost and misplaced documents
  • Lowers printing costs
  • Improves HIPAA compliance
Payment Processing
  • Swipe credit cards and send for approval in real-time
  • Capture receipt signatures electronically using signature capture pad
  • Store receipts electronically (never produce paper except if patient wants copy)
  • Scan and store copy of paper checks
  • Keep credit card numbers and bank account information on file electronically (PCI-compliant) for patient balances
  • Create stored payment account from previous transaction to eliminate double work
  • Apply payment from stored payment account information
  • Setup automatic recurring billing from credit cards and bank accounts (ACH)
  • Generates authorization form to charge credit card post-claim adjudication and capture signature electronically
Payment Processing
  • Eliminates credit card terminal rental
  • No storage of paper receipts
  • Quicker collection of patient balances (fewer days in accounts receivable)
  • Easier collection of patient balances through support of payment plans with automatic credit card charges on a pre-determined scheduled
  • Lowers patient receivables by collecting patient due balances on the day balances become patient responsible
  • Lowers patient statement costs by sending fewer statements
  • Reduces consumables (paper, ink) costs by printing fewer receipts
  • Imports data from any PM system or EMR with ODBC, ADO, or OLEDB driver or a public API
  • Exports to any practice management system or EMR using industry-standard HL7 messaging
  • Scan with any TWAIN-compliant scanner
  • Capture patient photos with any Windows-compatible Web camera
  • Parses magnetic stripe and barcode of any AAMVA-compliant driver's license
  • Parses magnetic stripe of any SwipeIT-compliant insurance card
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x

  • Choice of commodity hardware to suit your specific needs
  • No need to upgrade or replace hardware in most cases
  • Lower costs by using standard software interfaces