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Insurance payment posting, like so many other tasks, falls under the proverbial 80/20 rule. The 20% of your payments that are still posted from paper EOBs take 80% of the overall payment posting work, if not more. Not so with POWEReob.

POWEReob is a combination of free software and a pay-per-transaction service that will convert the paper EOBs you still receive from some payers into electronic remittances files in the ANSI 835 or NSF format. These files can then be used for automated payment posting to your practice management software, electronic secondary claims billing and denials management.

POWEReob can work with any practice management that accepts remittance files from 3rd party sources (not just from their designated clearinghouse). For those that don't, we'll work with your practice management or clearinghouse so you, too, can benefit from the labor savings resulting from 100% electronic remittances.

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