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HL7 Message Interfacing


Whether you need to share information between on-premises practice management and electronic health record software or exchange information with hospitals, laboratories, or Web-based services, UCoA has the expertise to help you get connected.

Using the very powerful, open source Mirth Connect interface engine as the foundation, we are able to receive, transform, and transmit HL7 messages between any 2 systems or entities regardless of transport protocol. Finding a common denominator between them is virtually guaranteed with Mirth Connect acting as the go-between.

An old legacy practice management system not updated since before the invention of Web services can send SOAP messages to a cloud-based EHR. A EHR that can only receive messages over TCP/LLP can receive them from a laboratory that only sends them via Secure FTP.

HL7 messages can also be the genesis of real-time data mining. Whether as an end-point or intermediary, UCoA's HL7 software interface can extract the pertinent data for reporting and analysis without the need for a dump and load of data on a scheduled basis. Data repositories are updated immediately.