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Custom Software and Solutions Development


From conception to completion we'll turn your ideas into reality. Working from your software requirements specification and building on our experience with a wide variety of tools and technology, we can create software and systems to exactly meet your business needs.

We have built a vast library of field-proven software modules that handle a variety of needs within medical practices. By utilizing these components in your project we can limit the amount of work required in order to minimize costs and pass the savings on to you. Oftentimes the end result is custom software at or near off-the-shelf prices.

Whether you need a complete application or a small utility or custom report, whether to run on Windows, in the cloud, or mobile, UCoA's 35+ years of experience is at your disposal. Our skilled staff of software engineers and designers will take your ideas from paper to production.

UCoA ... developing healthcare software since 1979.

Pre-Built Module Library

Pre-Built Application Modules

Module Desktop Web Mobile
Insurance Eligibility & Benefits Verification
Address Verification & Standardization
SS# Death Master File Verification
Knowledge-based Identity Verification
Kiosk/Tablet Self-Service Check-In
Tablet Self-Service Registration
Digital Signage
Wait Queue Management
Tablet-based Form Completion & Signing
Fingerprint Enrollment and Identity Verification
Facial Recognition and Identity Verification
Virtual (Web-based) Check-In
Check-In Metrics Reporting
Appointment Reminders
Satisfaction Surveys
Electronic Patient Form Signing
Registration Form Printing
Patient-Facing Demographic & Insurance Information Confirmation
Card-Present Credit Card Payments
Electronic Credit Card Receipt Signing
Mailed-/Phoned-In Payment Processing
Card-on-File Payment Plans
Electronic Consent to Charge Card on File
Online Bill Pay
HL7 Interfacing
Keyboard Macro (keystroke automation)
Patient Text Messaging
Appointment Schedule Remote Viewer
Appointment Schedule-to-Google Calendar Sync
Wait Queue Monitoring
Document Scanning
Optical Character Recognition
Barcode Recognition
Card Reader for Driver's Licenses and Insurance Cards
Handwriting Recognition
Optical Mark Recognition
Open Database Connectors (ODBC, OLE DB, ADO.NET)
PM/EHR Database Triggers for Real-Time Data Export/Import